Do You Know About Bicycle Laws

The number of bicycle related injuries in California has almost tripled over the past svereal years. While a lot more people are generating bikes for both health and eco-friendly reasons, California rules that relate to both bikers and motorists are often unidentified or overlooked entirely. Simply understanding what these rules are - whether you are a bicyclist or car owner - can preserve lives.

Here are some simple information that you should know about cycling, or generating in California where there are bikers.

Laws for Cyclists
  • If you are not generating as part of a street of visitors, you should be generating on specific bicycle routes - not weaving in and out of visitors.
  • If no bicycle street prevails, you must drive as close to the edge of the street as possible.
  • All bikers must drive with visitors - never against visitors.
  • Cyclist alerts must be used to indicate changes (arm motions are universal)
  • Cyclists under the age of 16 must use a headgear at all periods. Cyclists over the age of 16 should seriously consider dressed in a headgear - it can preserve your life!
  • A back reflector, front mild, and back mild must be used at all periods during night trips.
  • It is not legal to put on a ear phones or headsets while cycling.
  • There are many extra rules that relate to bikers. These rules should be read and recognized prior to reaching the roads with your bicycle.

Laws for Drivers

In the condition of California, bikes are regarded automobiles just as vehicles are regarded automobiles. This means that motorists must take into account the safety and importance of bikers while generating. Here are some extra rules to keep in thoughts.

  • Drivers must keep three legs away from bikers when a bicyclist is generating on the side of any street.
  • It is not legal to pass a bicyclist if a motorcycle is in a generating street when no street neck or bicycle direction is provided.
  • Drivers can be at mistake if combination a bicycle direction to recreation area and not verifying to see if a bicyclist is nearing.
  • A bicyclist that alerts a turn properly must be recognized - motorists must be aware of bikers alerts.

Keep in thoughts that these are just a few of the rules that both bikers and motorists need to stick to while discussing a street in the condition of California, but knowledge of the rules is the first step in making sure you don't break any.

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